How Puppy Yoga Helps You Stay Healthy

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Dog parent or not, playing and interacting with puppies can promote good cardio health, physical activity, quality sleep and lower stress levels. Combine this with the health benefits of yoga and you have a recipe for a refreshing weekend plan. Discover how puppies can help you catch quality Zzz’. The science-backed benefits of petting puppies both for the human and the puppy and more below. 

Why Puppy Yoga is good for your heart

For puppy parents, walking your puppies supports healthy physical activity levels and cardiovascular health. Studies show that Dog Owners Are More Likely To Meet The NHS’ Physical Activity Guidelines compared to people without a dog. If you work from home as well, Walking Your Dog A Few Times A Day Is Better For Your Cardiovascular Health than standing desks. While standing desks are great for posture, the number of calories burned standing is only slightly higher than sitting. About 88 calories/hour compared to 80 calories/hour, respectively. Walking burns around 210 calories/hour. Using calories as a way to measure cardiovascular effort. We can see that walking your puppy a few times a day is healthier for your heart than standing at a desk for 8 hours. 
Even if you are not a puppy parent (yet), there are many advantages to spending time with puppies. Visiting dog cafés or attending puppy yoga classes in London, or your home city, can help you receive similar health benefits. Simply petting a puppy was associated with lower blood pressure than chatting or reading in study on undergraduate students. This makes activities like puppy yoga a great choice for weekend plans to relax with your partner, friends or family.
Is there such thing as puppy yoga? Yes! Puppy yoga is a fun and unique way to enjoy staying active. Yoga with puppies is a unique type of wellness class that combines the benefits of yoga with the health benefits and joy of being around puppies. Physically, yoga can improve flexibility and balance, strengthen muscles, increase circulation and reduce stress and tension. Mentally, yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, improve focus and concentration, increase self-awareness, promote relaxation, and enhance the overall sense of well-being. A holistic approach to health and wellness is created by combining yoga’s physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques with puppies. Playing and interacting with puppies during puppy yoga can further help reduce the risk of heart-related health issues. 

How Puppy Yoga can help you sleep better

The best medicine is sleep. During sleep, your body can heal and regenerate. Sleep supports your body’s defence mechanisms against diseases and infections. It is also essential for mental well-being as it helps your brain process information, strengthen memories, and regulate your emotions and mood. Chronic sleep deficit is often associated with a higher risk of developing several illnesses, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and different types of cancer. Getting enough sleep can lower your risk of developing these and other health issues.

A good night’s sleep is like landing a plane. You can prepare for a successful landing with one simple step. Enjoy sunlight early in your day. The natural rhythm of the body, also called the circadian rhythm, is tightly tied to the sun. Viewing sunlight early in the day triggers healthy cortisol release. Cortisol is a hormone secreted in response to bright light, exercise and stress. It is commonly referred to as the “stress hormone” because it helps the body respond to stress. What is less commonly known is that cortisol wakes you up in the morning, not coffee, as it provides a natural burst of energy in response to bright light. Viewing sunlight can help you enjoy this natural burst of energy during peak working hours, rather than later in the day when it can delay your bedtime. 

In the UK, dog owners reported walking their dogs seven times a week, on average. Enjoying natural sunlight while walking a dog can help maintain a healthy sleep schedule while feeling energised during the day and falling asleep more easily at night. For people who enjoy walking their puppies while watching a beautiful sunset, good news – afternoon sunlight supports healthy melatonin release, the sleep hormone, and protects against some of the detrimental effects of artificial lighting late in the day. Together, these effects can help you fall asleep more easily and enjoy quality Zzz’s. You can read more about the benefit’s of Puppy Yoga in our last blog.



Why Puppy Yoga is good for your heart

Puppies are great for your mental health and good mental health is great for your body. The physical and psychological benefits of being around puppies are closely interwoven because they have a positive impact on stress levels, mood and overall well-being. Increased stress levels for prolonged periods of time can weaken the immune system by reducing the production and function of immune cells. As a result, the body’s ability to fight  illnesses and infections and maintain overall health may be reduced. Long-term stress can also cause increased cortisol levels for longer periods of time, which can suppress the immune response and increase inflammation in the body. 


Puppies are devoted, unconditional companions. In recent years, scientific evidence has suggested they benefit us beyond their lovely companionship. Petting a puppy can act as a form of stress relief, for both parties involved. Stress increases blood pressure temporarily, therefore relaxation can be detected and measured by a drop in blood pressure. Researchers found that blood pressure dropped by approximately 10% after 15 to 30 minutes of petting a dog. What happens to dogs in puppy yoga? Similarly, the dogs’ blood pressure was lower when they were being petted. This evidence supports what many feel – puppies can help you stay healthy and your immune system stay strong.


The variation in time between each heartbeat is measured by heart rate variability (HRV). Imagine your heart as a drummer in a band who plays various beats at different times. HRV is the variation in the interval between each heartbeat. Aside from a drop in blood pressure, HRV helps doctors and researchers understand how your body is reacting to stress, excitement, or relaxation. A healthy body that can handle and recover from stress well has a good HRV, similar to a drummer who can play a variety of beats smoothly. When walking with a dog, researchers found people’s HRV was significantly better than when walking alone. A better HRV indicated they were in a deeper state of relaxation.


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