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Best Rated Puppy Yoga London

Hear from our London community about how experiences have blown them away. We often hear “who needs therapy” when you have a Puply Puppy Yoga Session. Their stories reflect the joy, relaxation, and unique experiences that our London location offers.

Iryna Fedorko
a week ago
That was an amazing dog experience! Small group of maximum 12 people, you have two attendants who brings you the dogs and watch if everyone is okay. Brief instructions how you should behave with the dogs cause they are tiny, 8 weeks old, vaccinated and well groomed! As a part of the experience you get a drink in the end and croissant with a j or spread of your choice. Definitely recommend
Esther M
2 weeks ago
I recently attended a Puply puppy yoga session with my boyfriend, brother, and sister-in-law, and it was an amazing experience! The staff was welcoming and made us feel comfortable right away. The session was divided into two parts: the first half focused on yoga, and the second half was all about spending time with the adorable Rottweiler puppies. The yoga instructor was excellent, providing clear instructions that were easy to follow, regardless of our skill levels. The yoga part helped us relax and prepare for the fun ahead. When it was time to interact with the puppies, we couldn't stop smiling. The Rottweiler puppies were playful and affectionate, making the experience even more enjoyable. It was a perfect way to unwind and connect with these cute puppies. Seeing how much my boyfriend, brother, and sister-in-law enjoyed the session made it even better. It was a great bonding activity for all of us, creating memories that we will always cherish. The session was well-organized, and the facility was clean and comfortable. I highly recommend Puply puppy yoga to anyone looking for a fun and heartwarming activity. Whether you're into yoga or just love puppies, this experience will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. We can't wait to come back for another session!
Michelle Owusu
a month ago
This session couldn’t have been anymore better! From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by an enthusiastic team of friendly and professional staff who made us feel welcome and comfortable. The therapy session was well-organized and thoughtfully designed to maximize the benefits of spending time with these adorable labs. As someone who deals with a fair amount of daily stress, I found the experience incredibly soothing and uplifting. The simple act of petting and playing with these lovable pups brought an immense sense of joy and relaxation. What impressed me most was how clean and well-maintained the facility was. The puppies were clearly well-cared-for, happy, and healthy, which added to the overall positive atmosphere.
Niamh Aziz
a week ago
Incredible experience. The staff were so sweet and supportive and the dogs were so cute and friendly. Anyone questioning whether it’s worth it- DEFINITELY! Can not recommend this more!
Sophie C
a month ago
Wonderful experience! The instructors make sure the space is relaxed for the dogs and let them move around at their own pace (rather than constantly forcing interaction). Yoga was relaxing too!
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