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with Puppy Yoga and Puppy Therapy

Puppy Yoga: Animal Welfare And Fair Treatment Of Pups Is Our #1 Priority

We take a holistic approach to puppy safety. This ranges from working with selected KC and council registered breeders, home checks to ensure no puppy farms, care processes for their onsite and aftercare check-ups. 

The yoga is closer to meditation poses (lying down / stretching). It’s more of an opportunity for pups to jump all over people and socialise with some “hooomans”.

Our cleaning process is meticulous. This includes using parvo-virucide and never sharing toys between classes. We will be publishing our “pup-festo” soon. This will be in partnership with a very special dog charity, which we can’t wait to announce. This will set the industry standard for what good practices look like for the fair and ethical treatment of all pups that attend puppy-based events and set the frameworks and approaches for all interactions we have with those on four legs and two.

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Benefits of puppy yoga & Puppy Therapy

What to benefits your team can expect from a Puply Puppy Yoga or Puppy Playtime session

Puppy Yoga and our Puppy Therapy sessions are an opportunity to connect and socialise with puppies in a safe and welcoming environment. Puppies can increase our dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels. These are the “feel good” chemicals our brains release that improve mood and affect happiness. According to Veterinarian, Dr. Marta Vieira (petable.care), petting a dog releases serotonin and dopamine. So, just imagine what it’s like to do 20 minutes of yoga (which is also well known for its benefits for improving mood) followed by puppy cuddles and playtime with up to 12 of our best friends!

To top this all off many of our sessions are followed by refreshments including cocktails, prosecco, and nibbles. And just when you thought a day out couldn’t get any better, we host several other on the day events that follow our puppy yoga sessions which include art classes, comedy shows, afternoon teas, dating events and much more. It’s safe to say there’s something for everyone!

Dogs (especially Puppies) bring smiles to faces

Dogs help us with our mental wellbeing

Dogs can help reduce our stress and Anxiety levels

Dogs help us feel less lonely

What Our Customers Say About Puply

4 months ago
It was such a lovely day out for us all today. The yoga instructor was so warm and patient guiding us through all the different poses. It was my first time trying yoga and I’m surely going to be coming back here again. The puppies were such a delight and stress buster. The staff were extremely friendly and didn’t hesitate at all to clean up and make us all feel comfortable and happy during the session. Post the session, the cocktail session was really relaxing and the staff were constantly checking up, happy to offer refills. We felt so welcomed here and I can’t recommend this place enough for anyone who’s looking for a lovely stress buster to come and have a go. I can’t wait to come back here again!
4 months ago
Amazing! Staff are so friendly and the puppy’s are very well looked after. Willing to show paper work of vaccinations, clean up after the puppy’s and the yoga was fab too! Had a great time. Italian buffet was delicious and they keep topping up the bottomless Prosecco. Would definitely recommend and will be coming back!
4 months ago
Amazing! No other word can be used to express my treat today at Puply. My husband booked this for my surprise 50th birthday and I couldn’t have asked for anything more it was sheer perfection! Everyone was really, really friendly and the Tapestry was a fantastic place to hold what will be one of my favourite places to come. The beauty of this was that it wasn’t just therapeutic but a great way to socialise on a relaxed environment. The yoga instructor was great and no one was felt to be out of their comfort zone. The puppies stole the show! They was PHENOMENAL! To combine the physical and mental therapeutic needs by holding g this event was a match made in heaven and is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any dog lovers! Definitely won’t be my last visit and thanks to everyone at Puply for making my day so special and one I won’t forget! x
4 months ago
Had such a fantastic afternoon! Cameron lead a great yoga session, the puppies were cute and the cocktails were tasty! Couldn’t have wished for a better time. Thank you Puply would highly recommend ❤️
6 months ago
It was amazing! I loved the Pilates session which was not too hard for a complete beginner. And most importantly, the puppies were adorable and very fun to pet and cuddle with! If I could, I would come by every single day, it helps a lot for someone who has been feeling down to have a fun moment like this at least once in their life. I’d definitely recommend this to everyone and I’ll be coming back! (And the bottomless cocktails were 10/10 ♥️)

Ready to Join in?

Work with is and find out how puppy yoga and puppy therapy can make a positive difference for your team. Oh, and did we mention, you get to play with puppies?

Our Approach

We want everyone to have complete clarity on our approaches and methods. We have made considerable efforts to outline the benefits of our work for those with four legs and two. Our primary intention is to create a happier world underpinned by the most miraculous of creatures. Dogs. We constantly wonder what we’ve done to deserve them. All we know is that we’re eternally grateful for their friendship! To read more about how we handle the animal welfare aspects of what we do, hit the read more button to learn more about our approach.